Our Mission

Provide our military families, the professional and financial resources needed to counteract the challenges associated with a military lifestyle.

Our programs are built around demonstrating our highest level of gratitude for military families

Please join us in our mission to show more than words

Fort Campbell
The wonderful people at the US Army base Fort Campbell have invited us for a visit this holiday season. We can’t wait to see our military families for the holidays.
Over the next few months we are working hard to integrate our programs into the Family Readiness Groups and military infrastructure.
Help & Support
Please feel free to contact us directly if for any reason your local FRG, CACO’s or our program representatives are unavailable support@starsforward.org

Our Story

Father & Son’s Next Adventure
Father & Son’s Next Adventure

Towards the end of careers spanning over 50 years in the technology industry, a father and son (both former military) started to discuss what to do next…

Military Families
Military Families

After months of deliberation, they agreed that supporting their military brothers and sisters, in one way or another, was priority number one.

World Changed Forever
World Changed Forever

On July 26th 2018, the unimaginable occurred, our founders father unexpectedly passed away.

Moving Forward
Moving Forward

After months of working through one of the most difficult times anyone could experience, Stars Forward was born.

Global Mission
Global Mission

On May 21st, 2019 Stars Forward was officially recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. We would like to thank everyone for their support and look forward to expanding our mission throughout the United States.

We Appreciate Your Service

The Stars Forward programs are never a loan, nor do we expect anything in return. Your service is more than enough payment. Our hope is these programs, in some small way, will honor the sacrifices you and your family make every day in the defense of our great nation.

Welcome Home

The Global Travel Assistance program provides our military families the financial resources required to return home when life happens. learn more…

Seeing Stars Smile

Kids grow up way to fast and sometimes along the way they need a little help with seeing their perfect smile. Our Pediatric Orthodontic & Optometry Care program assists military parents with these unexpected growing pains.

Caring is Sharing

During, some of life’s most difficult times, our Survivor Advisory Services offers a nationwide group of professional advisors that provide estate planning, legal, financial and transitional services.

Community Support

We all know how difficult it can be to make friends in a new place, for our military children it can be especially difficult. By supporting local community programs we can help support our military youth.

Our Amazing Volunteers

Jason Hackney

Volunteer in CincinnatiJason works in the automotive industry and in his spare time works to keep our donors engaged.

Dave Griesmeyer

Volunteer in DaytonDave comes to us from a strong military family and helps us coordinate operations

29 Military Family Advisors
The Family Readiness Groups and military personnel are an invaluable resource, aiding us to move Stars Forward
9 Civilian Volunteers
Our civilian volunteers are amazingly supportive in our mission to assist military families when they deserve it the most
8 Veteran Volunteers
Our former service members provide Stars Forward with amazing insight to the programs for transitioning from a military lifestyle into the civilian world
112 Professional Advisor Network
With representatives from throughout the United States, our team of professional advisors can address a wide range of family concerns

Becoming a Volunteer

Serving those who serve

If you are the type of person that wants to show more than tell our military how much you appreciate their daily sacrifices, than look no further. Stars Forward is an Ohio Nonprofit corporation on a mission to do more than just words.


  • The work being done by Stars Forward is simply amazing, together as a team we are able to reach out to our military families at times when they deserve our support.
  • As a corporate sponsor and friend to the founders, I have the personal pleasure of working with the great volunteers at Stars Forward. I am proud to be part of their great programs and assist in any way.
  • It has been a privilege helping Stars Forward develop programs focused on military personnel and their families – William G (USMC Retired)

Our way of saying thanks to our men and women in uniform is about demonstrating gratitude and not about charity.

Join Us

Do not stay on the sidelines, help us, honor them!


Holiday Mission Donors$8,500 / $100,000
8.5% Complete

Corporate Sponsors

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Stars Forward begin?
What is your primary mission?

After the recent loss of our founders father, it became clear our primary mission is to get military personnel and their families home in the event tragedy strikes.

Our Global Travel Assistance program is designed to bring military families together when they need each other the most.

How is Stars Forward different?

With over 25 years of business development and entrepreneurship, our founders know what it takes to make a venture successful. By applying that know-how to a social mission we can achieve and maintain lower operational requirements, which allows for more capital to be focused on our programs and not our business.

Additionally, we are committed to the on-going involvement by our active military spouses and support groups to continually advance our mission and support their objectives.

How do you know who to help?

By working with various Family Readiness Groups and other military support organizations, we are up-to-date with the “boots on the ground” to meet the needs of our military families.

Our goal is to provide the active military and family support infrastructure programs that allow them to respond quickly, efficiently and effectively to the challenges faced by a military lifestyle.


Contact Us

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Cincinnati, Ohio,
United States