3189 Princeton Road, Suite 251
Hamilton, Ohio 45011

Beloved Military Supporters:

Thank you so much for purchasing a raffle ticket for Stars Forward’s “Sponsor a Soldier” motorcycle giveaway.  We appreciate your support of our military and their families. However, due to the limited participation, we were unable to obtain the required ticket sales to support prize allotments.

For those of you that participated in the 2019 Motorcycle giveaway, we’re extending three options for which to apply your generous $50.00 contribution:

  1. Funds can be used in the future when we are able to reintroduce this giveaway.

Our hope is that once the coronavirus restrictions are lifted and we will be able to introduce the motorcycle giveaway once again with increased support. To show our appreciation for those supporting our active military families, for every entry previously purchased, we’ll double the number of entries in the motorbike giveaway when it becomes available again.


If you purchased 2 entries in the 2019 giveaway, you will receive 4 entries in the new drawing.

  1. Funds can be directed to support Stars Forward’s active programs.

You can choose to leave the cost of your ticket with us as a tax-deductible donation. The funds raised through this raffle are helping us to continue to bring our soldiers home when they need to be there and help deployed soldiers receive items they need through our collaboration with Family Readiness Groups.

  1. Funds can be returned to the contributing donor.

We do understand through these difficult times if you would like to have the funds returned to you. If you choose this option, please include your first and last name, and a mailing address in the return email.

We sincerely hope you understand our need to be financially prudent in these giveaways, as to not impact the programs our fighting men & women have come to rely on.

Please continue to keep our soldiers and their families in your prayers.



Executive Director